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Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil.

Scientists have been studying hydroponics since the 1600's. However, a hydroponic system for growing plants in large quantities has not existed until very recently. The concept of using fully automated hydroponics to produce feed for livestock has the potential to change the way livestock producers operate.

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Every new morning starts a new day with fresh livestock feed for your animals.

HydroGreen Global Technologies is a producer owned company producing equipment that hydroponically grows livestock feed. The fully automated system grows small grains into healthy live feed in a manner that adds production efficiencies and enhances conservation of natural resources.

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HydroGreen is grown from small grain seeds to live green feed in just 6 days. The nutritious feed is delivered from the automated system through via the pus of a button.

Designed with ease of use in mind a HydroGreen Grow System can replace as much as 2 acres of land per head of livestock fed. The system uses only seed, water and light to efficiently produce feed.


HydroGreen Global Technologies

Hydroponically Grown Livestock Feed
HydroGreen is harvested daily from small grains sprouted
and grown in an environmentally controlled building.


HydroGreen is the leading provider of fully automated hydroponic animal feed growing systems. HydroGreen delivers high quality systems across North America, in a wide range of livestock species. Providing producers with a cost saving, weather independent source of healthy feed, grown every day. Our goal is to lead our industry in consistent, profitable growth.


HydroGreen has intellectual property assets in the form of patents, trademarks, copyrights, domain name rights, trade secrets, and know-how.

HydroGreen has aggressively pursued patent rights and has preserved the rights to file these applications in foreign countries when appropriate.

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